Route 24 Demo

by Time's Tide

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released July 4, 2014

Mixed/mastered by Jesse Berger.



all rights reserved


Time's Tide Edmonton, Alberta

Canadian hardcore

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Track Name: Circle(s)
I fell from grace in your eyes, became something you couldn't stand
Can't help but wonder - If I “fix” myself become more like you, will anything come back?
Or will it stay stuck in the past?
(That's where you live, that's where you hide)
So fucking lost
Your vices aren't mine
Your reasons aren't true
Feed me all your lies
I won't become you.
How do I go home when nowhere feels safe?
Maybe I think too much but people are disappearing lately
This is all I have left for now
Never thought I'd be back here
Suffering from the mistakes you made.
Drowning in your sorrow these days
Recovering from one mistake, to make a million more
A former self, all you do is reminisce, how can you be so proud?

I want to take away everything that was taken from me
Stop asking the sky for things you don't deserve.
You swore you'd never fucking die.
Track Name: Settle
I always lose sleep around this time of year
Think of every situation (I'll find the one that destroys me.)
Today things were taken away from me
Every step I took, I watched something else fade
I hang on to everything cause I'm the one who lost it.
I didn't know what all this would cost me
This time we settled with words.
We walked away. Settled.

Well I never wanted to be so confused.
When did I become the one with something to prove?
This only survives if you let it. It only heals if you mend it.
Easy enough to back away - shrug off your regrets.
Let it die, let it fade, Forget.
Keep telling yourself “it's for the best”

Never the one who was good at telling sad stories.
I just want you out of my fucking head

Follow your ambition into the fucking ground
I told my heart
Forget my past

This winter takes everything from me.
I'm too fucking cold. I can't see change
Track Name: Early Graves
Today I realized i'm not the only one drowning
(but i've taken so much...)
hoping this can help me start forgetting.
We don't keep our miracles.
We hold ourselves up.
I'll take you all for granted.

Start the search for something to believe in
I need something worth fighting for.
I'm afraid there's nothing worth regretting.
Remind me again, that i'm not so far from shore
Remind me again!
Shield your eyes
Shield your heart
From passing times
I used to find comfort in so many things
(But they're all buried now)
This plot isn't big enough for the both of us
(Find somewhere else to sleep)
Next to where I placed my hope
Past lives.
Future deaths.
Past lives.
Future fucking deaths.