Past Lives

by Time's Tide

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released January 20, 2015

Guitar, bass and vocals recorded by Jesse Bergecelli
Drums recorded by Quinn Cyrankiewicz
Mixed by Quinn Cyrankiewicz
Mastered by Stu at Raincity Recorders



all rights reserved


Time's Tide Edmonton, Alberta

Canadian hardcore

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Track Name: Drown
I'm sick of climbing these mountains
For people who were never at the top
Give me these hopes, take them away
Nothing seems to change. (Nothing can ever stay)

Lately I feel like falling
My patience is wearing thin
So, what do I do now?
Search for substance; come up empty

Same nights. Same feelings.
“it's like watching your best friend die”
Always me, even without you. (without you)

The things that I regret
Are things I wish I didn’t
There will always be so much I want to say

I wish it wasn’t like this
When did things start to change?
When did we grow apart?
Time hasn’t healed me

I was just a stepping stone
So you can stand where you’re standing [Everlasting meant nothing]

I'm fucking sick of being your scapegoat.
Track Name: 104
“Aging is not ‘lost youth’”
When did you lose your aggression?
What happened to your passion?
I still have mine
(We still have ours)

Young minds, young hearts
Sometimes the world just pulls your dreams apart
Is this where you gave it up and never noticed?

Thrown for wolves; I belong here
Everyone grew up and never told me

Push it aside
I won’t! I won’t, I won’t!
I’m hanging on to what little I have left
You gave up too early
Weight on your chest

Don’t stop dreaming
Just because you’re not a kid anymore
Track Name: Settle
I always lose sleep around this time of year
Think of every situation (I'll find the one that destroys me.)
Today things were taken away from me
Every step I took, I watched something else fade
I hang on to everything cause I'm the one who lost it.
I didn't know what all this would cost me
This time we settled with words.
We walked away. Settled.

Well I never wanted to be so confused.
When did I become the one with something to prove?
This only survives if you let it. It only heals if you mend it.
Easy enough to back away - shrug off your regrets.
Let it die, let it fade, Forget.
Keep telling yourself “it's for the best”

Never the one who was good at telling sad stories.
I just want you out of my fucking head

Follow your ambition into the fucking ground

I told my heart
Forget my past

This winter takes everything from me.
I'm too fucking cold. I can't see change
Track Name: Grow
If i'm honest...I have so many regrets
couldn't stay locked in
all those places I found comfort in.
I wish I had known all these times were fleeting
I would have held onto more to keep you from fading
You're just a silhouette.
You mark the end.

You're the nights I couldn't sleep
The anxiety that froze me
Everything that I miss...
Everything I used to find contentment in
until my heart is black
I fucking know what I lost
Next time you give up
make sure you walk away

I gave you what you wanted.
You took what you needed
We'll move on. Forget each other.
“Lets forget each other.”

You'll fade in 3 weeks
You'll fade in 5 years
Track Name: Recover
I want to let you go but I don't know how
So, I keep walking these streets with my head down
Familiarity. Walking away.

I just can't win

Everything today reminded me of everything I couldn't be
I'm sorry I wasn't what I should have been when you needed me
I do it to myself every fucking time
I can't stop falling behind

I just can't win

I have my demons and I'm setting them free
I swear to god I'll bury them at sea

Push me past all my mistakes
Push me past all my regrets